Nice to meet you here. Please find below some important information about renting your home as a Vacation Rental and how we take care of your home while you are away.

Every company out there will claim that they’re the best, the biggest, the first, the only… Two thoughts on that: define best; isn’t that all assumed? So what makes Florida First Class Villas different?
Why should you, a property owner list your property with us for rental management?

The answer is easy: we have around 70% returning guests – after 4 years on market.

We’re not a great fit for everyone. That’s OK. We don’t want to work with everyone. We only take a limited number of vacation rental property listings into our management program.

When our property owners follow our recommendations, we deliver increased revenue and occupancy, better maintained properties better suited to modern guest needs, better guest experiences, and corresponding golden five star guest reviews.

We’re very hands on. We engage, consult, and apply our considerable knowledge of the contemporary vacation rental industry. Things are changing fast, and we’re focused, and fast enough to adapt.


We manage every aspect of keeping your vacation home promoted, booked and ready for yourself and guests to enjoy.
Our goal is to enable you to make the most revenue from your rental without having to do any of the busy work involved with managing it.

Our free of charge service includes text presentation and marketing it to potential guests as well as managing reservations and payments. A perfect marketing means also welcoming the guests in person and explaining the home during the check-in as well as saying “goodbye” during the check out procedure; which is also free of charge. Additionally we offer high-res pictures and videos, cleaning services, light upkeep, and dispatching emergency maintenance.

We get your Vacation-Rental-Certificate and we take care that the mandatory minimum rental is 7 nights statute is adhered to. There is no fee to list your home with us.

You only pay a 20% provision in case of a successful booking. We make sure that no matter where you are in the world, you know your vacation home is taken good care of.



We are helping investors and absent homeowners maintain their home both while they are here and away. Providing a variety of Property Management Companies we are working together.  Let their experienced team assist you in taking care of your the value of your home.

Now, not every house is the same and people have different desires. We are happy to get you in touch with them. Couple of options are:




Monthly summary from our Check-App

Weekly control and monitoring of service providers (lawn care, pool service, pest control

Weekly control of plants and facilities

Visual check roof

Weekly check of the property inside, including:

Flushing the toilets and running the water in the house

Check the property for damages or any sign of burglary

Check for insects or ants

Check the lights and if needed change light bulbs

Empty Mailbox, scan incoming mail and submit to owner

all Homewatch weekly package services

Management of a bank account registered on the owner

Payment of bills

Monthly summary of income and expenses

Provision of the accounting data for the respective tax advisor to prepare the annual tax return

For vacation rental: payment of the sales and tourist tax

Obtaining offers and commissioning repairs or repair measures by licensed companies (maintenance, inspection, etc.) and monitoring repairs

Cleaning services, e.g. professional external or internal cleaning (deep cleaning)

Hook up or transfer of all service companies such as water, electric, phone, insurance etc. (we are always determined to find the best suitable service for the best price)

Switching on and off/of all electric appliance after tenant departure or tenant arrival

all Property Management package services

disaster preparedness, e.g., with hurricane warning





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COMPLIANCE NOTICE: We have build all out properties in accordance with world-wide standards and received a huge number of awards, which prove our high level of service. Never-stopping development is the key factor of our company.