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Facebook Page Participation Guidelines

This page is intended to provide information about, the travel and vacation rental industries, as well as engage in conversation with those who want to share their experiences with our brands. We default our Wall to show FFCV content so you are able to find all of the latest company information, but feel free to browse over to the "Posts by Others" view to see what everyone is saying.

Listed below are guidelines we’ll follow to maintain a thoughtful and respectful environment.


We abide by the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and related Facebook policies, and we expect visitors to our page to do the same.

We encourage open, lively conversation with a few simple rules:
• We reserve the right to address factual errors.
• We will reply to comments when appropriate.
• If we disagree with other opinions, we will do so respectfully and ask that you do the same.
• You may not post anything that is spam or that is abusive, profane, or defamatory toward a person, entity, belief, or symbol.

While we support lively, open discussion, we reserve the right to delete comments at our discretion, including:
• links to websites that are not Florida First Class Villas, Inc. brands.
• duplicate comments that are posted on the wall or on Florida First Class Villas content.
• comments on page posts that are unrelated to the published content.
• posts/comments directing customers (owners or suppliers) to visit/purchase products from competitors
• any posts directing customers to groups that are organizing legal action
• content that violates the privacy of any Florida First Class Villas employee
• content containing information about financial data, business data, pending litigation or regulatory issues
•comments that are inflammatory towards other users

We also have the right to block users from the page. This is done rarely but can occur if:
• You are contributing to negative conversations about FFCV or our products to provoke other page users
• You continuously post repetitive or spam comments
• Violate page terms and conditions

We look forward to the conversation.