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"Flipper is our best friend, things get funny it every time he appears.
He wants to have fun, perform great tricks, and provides us hours of happiness.
You just call for Flipper, and he'll be there soon, everyone knows him, the clever dolphin.
We love Flipper, Flipper, the friend of all children and adults."

Who does not know the TV series "Flipper": The widower Porter Ricks lives with his two sons, the 15-year-old Sandy and the ten-year-old Bud on an island. Friend of the family is Flipper, the dolphin.

Many scenes from this series and also from the film were filmed on Pine Island. The tiny Matlatcha with many small colorful houses and shops puts everyone quickly back into the adventures of Flipper.

Cape Coral
Cape Coral

Pine Island is an island paradise: It grows tropical fruits, provides work to artists of all kinds, and flourishes the fishing. It feels a bit like a journey back in time. Today, as in the past, fishing is an important part of life on the 27 km-long island surrounded by Pine Island sound and a water reserve.

The people of Pine Island are often independent people, most of whom work in two areas: the cultivation of tropical fruits (including many varieties of mangoes) and the creation of visual and literary works of art.

Incidentally, there are only stop signs and politeness here today for traffic control.

Golf enthusiasts should not miss the 18-hole golf course, the Alden Pines and the Calusa Heritage Trail (an area dedicated to the discovery of Native American culture on Pineland).

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