Sonja Bos

Managing director and owner: Sonja, 55 years young, has been working as a management trainer and business coach in Europe since 1993. Sonja has over 25 years of experience in the travel and hotel industry. She started her career with a tour operator for America. At the age of 21 she planned, organized and accompanied trips to the USA – especially to Florida. This is where the love story between Sonja and sunny Florida began. At the age of 24 she became an entrepreneur. As a sales trainer, she accompanied many tourism companies such as DER-Touristik, e-domizil (holiday homes) and several European theme parks. With an excellent reputation in the industry, she quickly evolved to a trainer for leadership development. Over the course of her career, she has conducted over 400 individual coaching sessions with restaurateurs and executives. In the last decade she has accompanied many well-known European companies in management, business development, sales and service competence. Her love and passion for good hospitality, honest service and advice is reflected in the selected villas and services.


Janeen Kawa

The one and only Wing Woman. Janeen is with her 49 years age the “baby” on board. Born in the windy city of Chicago, she vacationed in Sanibel in 2000. The second day she made the decision of her life: “I am going to move to Florida” – and she did it only 6 months later and never regret. She started her career in the vacation rental industry in 2014. Guests love her for her secret tips during the check in process and her hugs when she says “Farewell”. For her “boss” Sonja she is the right hand, the support, a friend and a motivational girl. Mainly she is responsible for every thing Sonja doesn´t want to do.

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