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Get to know us better by discovering personally our team members.

Sonja BosGeneral Manager / REATLOR

Sonja, 51 years young, has been working since 1993 as a management trainer and business coach in Europe. Sonja has over 25 years experience in the travel and hotel industry. She began her career with a travel agency for America. At the age of 21, she planned, organized and accompanied trips to the US, especially to Florida. Here began the love story between Sonja and the Sunshine State. Thereafter, Sonja held various positions in the 5-star hotel industry. At the age of 24, she became an entrepreneur. She accompanied as a sales trainer many tourist companies such as DER-Touristic, e-domizil (holiday homes) and several European theme parks. With her excellent reputation in the industry, she quickly developed from a pure service and sales trainer to an executive development trainer. Over the course of her career she has carried out more than 400 individual coaching sessions with restaurateurs and executives. Over the past decade, she has accompanied many well-known European companies such as DOUGLAS Kempinski Hotels, Thalia, Mazda, Vapiano SE and many more in the field of management, sales and service expertise. Their love and passion for good hospitality, honest service and advice is reflected in the special selected Villas and services.

Petra KubyFinancial Controller/ REALTOR

It takes a decent amount of time to keep total payments correctly done. Our Judy does it flawlessly and perfectly for you.

TBDGuest Relation

All design that is displayed in our villas was made by Joshua. He is devoted not only by his duty, but his heart and sole.

Marcel EisenlauerDirector EG Cleaning

The head of our company; the person, who manages to keep everything work as single and cohesive engine all time.